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God Continues to Move in Preparation for Nicaragua Prays

God Continues to Move in Preparation for Nicaragua Prays

A quick update from the team in Nicaragua this week preparing for Nicaragua Prays! The trip is going really well, and the favor of the Lord is on everything they are doing. Stephen feels that there is something stirring there in a powerful way, and after hearing the stories I couldn’t agree more.

The Light of Life International team has been able to meet with the Secretary of State and over 100 political and Christian leaders in the last few days. Afterward the Secretary of State came and asked for prayer from Stephen and Dennis, what an honor and privilege to pray with the political leaders of a nation!

There was also favor during the ministry to the Assemblies of God leaders in Nicaragua. Today, Stephen got to preach for one hour on the Enlace Christian television network, which broadcasts to the whole nation. Afterwards Stephen had lunch with the owner of Enlace, and was able to share more of the vision behind Nicaragua Prays.

Thank you for your powerful prayers. The Lord loves Nicaragua and His plans are good. How awesome to get to be a part of what He is doing and plans to do! Please continue to pray over the rest of the weekend the remaining meetings. How exciting that many doors have opened and such blessing is on this trip!

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