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Bears on a Mission in Managua, Nicaragua

Bears on a Mission in Managua, Nicaragua

The LOLI team just returned from an amazing weekend in Managua, Nicaragua. The Bears on a Mission team did a fabulous job handing out the hundreds of big teddy bears collected at the LOLI banquet and in partnership with a local Christian school.


We didn’t get to see all the children at the orphanage because some of them had been hit with chicken pox. But the ones we did see were mostly between 3-5 years old and very eager to sing, clap, hug – and most of all, pick out their very own bear! The remaining bears went to the kids in the hospital.
In one room, we met a teenage girl who had hurt her leg – but because she had been diagnosed with Lupus, her injury was much more serious due to the high risk of infection. As we looked around the closet sized room, several hand-written Scriptures were posted on the walls including Psalm 23:1. Both the girl with the injury and her mom were vibrant Christians and precious ladies trusting Jesus for healing. We agreed with them in prayer and handed out another big, cuddly bear.

If providing or giving away cuddly bears to children who need them tugs at your compassion, contact us here or on Facebook.  We are always looking for people who want to pour out God’s compassion on those in need.

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